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Aurum vs. Oxinium

Capture the key takeaways and findings from Orhun Muratoglu, PhD.

Thirsty For Knowledge

Stay informed about the upcoming webinar on March 12th With Dr. Pelt and Dr. Muratoglu and what to expect!

NSM Session 2 & Awards

Check out Day 2 of NSM 2024. Packed with insights from world renowned surgeons Dr. Hofmann, and Dr. Hurst. As well as our future product pipeline and Awards!

NSM Session 1

If you missed it, check out Day 1 of NSM 2024. Learn from world renowned surgeons Dr. Hofmann, Dr. Freiberg, and Dr. Mathis.

Thirsty for Knowledge

For those who missed our Thirsty for Knowledge meeting with Dr. Daniel Gerow and Andrew Morris last week, you can watch the Zoom below!

Aurum® Glamour Brochure

Watch Brant Burns as he reviews the Aurum® Glamour Brochure a fantastic tool that explains the value of this unique technology.

Surgeon Visitation

Check out this video from Brian Tracy as he describes the Surgeon Visitation and how he has used it to drive value.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Jamie LeVieux, our accomplished Sales Support Specialist at Total Joint Orthopedics.

With over 18 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, including roles as a Pharmacy Technician, Prescription Services Coordinator, and Pharmacy Manager, Jamie brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Holding both National and Utah State certified pharmacy technician licenses, Jamie's extensive background is a driving force behind our commitment to excellence.

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Thirsty for Knowledge

For those who missed our Thirsty for Knowledge meeting with Dr. Daniel Gerow and Andrew Morris last week, you can watch the Zoom below!

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Klassic Knee Assembly Aurum

PS Post Aurum Full Construct Front

PS Post Aurum Front

PS Post Aurum Full Implant Side Angle

PS Post Aurum Side Angle

DFCG Quick Release


DFCG Carat

DFCG Front


DFCG Knurl

STM Design Language Guide Back

STM Design Language Guide Back Iso

STM Design Language Guide Cleaning

STM Design Language Guide Front

STM Design Language Guide Knurl

STM Design Language Guide Top

Baseplate Line Indicator

CR Femur Trial

CR Full Trial

CR Impaction

CR Implant

CR Tibia Impaction

CR Tibia Screw

CR Tibia Trial

DCFG Pegged Sawblade

DFCG Pegged Angel wing

DFCG Pegged

Bob Bop Workflow

Broaching Bop bop

Modular Handle Bop bop

Reaming Bop bop

Removal Bop bop

1206.00.001225.XX.00 Straight shaft cup impactor with cup sizer

1207.50.000 Hemispherical Acetabular Reamer

1210.00.00 Screw and Driver

1211.00.00 Bone Awl

1302.00.000 Oteotomy Ruler measuring

1339.00.000 Corkscrew Femoral Head Removal

3511.52.000 Liner Impaction

Cup Impaction with tower

Platform Cup Down

Platform Cup E-Link

Platform Liner Hooded Lightened cutout

Platform Liner Hooded Lightened


Aurum Bonded Femur

Biolox vs. Contoura Profile

Double Q Angle Illustration Aurum

Double Q-Angle Illustration

PS Post Resection Overlay Femur

TiCoat Porous Ingrowth

TiCoat Porous



Education & Resources

Attarian - OR Efficiency in Academic Setting Summary

Bhimji - Necessary Design Features of a Porous Tibia Summary

Bugbee - Attune Single Use Instrumentation Summary

Capra - Instrument Tray Efficiency Summary

Choi - APT as Infection Spacer Summary

Crawford - Klassic Blade Stem Study Summary

Epperson - TJO Porous Journal Article Summary

Hsu - Tray Cost Savings through Templates Summary

ICJR - Implant Articulating Spacers Summary

Khasian - Kinematics of Klassic Knee Summary

Long - Training and Implant Use Summary

McLawhorn - Templating and Instruments Summary

Morwood - Klassic Porous Knee and Stems

Nikkel - TKA Surgical Steps Summary

Nunley - PSI Cost Effectiveness Summary

Panahi - OR Traffic and Infection Summary

Sousa - Robots in TKA and THA Summary

Turgeon - PSI v standard instrumentation Summary

Wallis - What leads to OR Efficiency Summary

Wellman - APT and Bundle Savings Summary

ASC Programs

Zimmer Biomet ASC Solutions Analysis

Smith+Nephew Positive Connections+ ASC Initiative Analysis

Stryker ASC Initiative Analysis

DePuy Synthes ASC Initiative Analysis

DonJoy Orthopedics ASC Initiative Analysis

Medacta ASC Initiative Analysis

Exactech ASC Initiative Analysis

MicroPort Orthopedics ASC Initiative Analysis

Bugbee - single use instruments for TKA

Capra - Implementing a perioperative efficiency initiative

ICJR - How Should Surgeons Implant Articulating Antibiotic Spacers in Revision TKA

In Vivo Knee Kinematics for a Cruciate Sacrificing Total Knee Arthroplasty Having Both a Symmetrical Femoral and Tibial Component

The Modern Universal TKA: Improved Value without Compromising Quality Quality

Panahi - Operating Room Traffic is a Major Concern During Total Joint Arthroplasty

Turgeon - A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial of Total Knee Replacement

Wallis - Operating room efficiencies during TJA

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PS Max Launch Training


Klassic HD Cup Webinar

Sunshine Act

Sunshine Act Webinar

TJO Surgeon Visitation Program Guidelines

TJO Surgeon Visitation Pre-Approval Form

TJO Surgeon Visitation Surgeon Visit Benefits

TJO Surgeon Visitation Program Surgeon Bios

Surgeon Visitation | Post-visit Report

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Instrument Catalog

Evolution of Stability®

Klassic® Knee Product Offerings

Klassic® Knee System All-Poly Tibia Sales Card

Klassic® Knee System Sales Card

Klassic® Knee System Competitive Sizing Info

Klassic® PS-Post® Knee System Sales Card

Knee/Hip Sales Tips Sales Card

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Klassic HD® Hip & Platform Product Offerings


Klassic® Blade Sales Card

Knee Hip Sales Tips Sales Card

Implant Catalog

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Klassic HD Hip® Product Offerings


Klassic® Blade Sales Card

Knee Hip Sales Tips Sales Card

Klassic HD® Acetabular System Sales Card

Instrument Catalog

Implant Catalog

Klassic HD Hip® Product Offerings

Klassic® BiPolar System Sales Card

Implant Catalog

Implant Catalog

Klassic HD Hip® Product Offerings

Platform® Acetabular System Sales Card

Platform® Acetabular System Glamour Brochure


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